Dwarka’s Extension- the Next Big Thing in Realty Investor’s Market

NEW DELHI: Gone are the days of playing safe if you want returns on your money. However, the stock market is extremely fickle and can often cause you more loss than gain. Investment in real estate often pays good returns. Stringent laws like RERA ensure that real estate developers have to comply according to standards. All of this has caused major changes in the realty market with many mid-to-large level housing projects coming up catering to all budget types. It can be successfully said that housing is becoming a preferred investment option for not just institutions but also individual investors.

Coming up of new laws regarding realty sector, preferences of institutional investors has changed. Earlier, developers and builders were keen on investing money in commercial spaces, but now, with changing laws, there is profit even in residential property. Apart from the property being an appreciating asset, the regular inflow of rental income adds to the charm. With RERA being enforced a large number of big institutional developers like Godrej and Mahindra have entered real estate sector and come up with mid-to-large level housing projects. The financial backing of such projects depends on either foreign funds or from Parent Corporation itself.

A large number of such developments have been taking place in a few selected cities across India. Apart from the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, the IT hubs of Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Pune to have attracted investments from such conglomerates. The national capital attracts a large number of job seekers resulting in a lot of people in the city. The dearth of affordable accommodation has led to changes being made in the property laws. The Land Pooling policy, which was recently approved by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will be changing the Delhi land scenario.

Affordable housing options are unavailable within Delhi, however, nearby regions like NOIDA & Gurugram are therefore becoming quite popular. The Dwarka L zone and K zone offer a large amount of scope for development of residential societies. Such micro-markets offer affordable homes which are well connected to the main city. The land pooling policy will end up the discrepancy resulting due to dissatisfaction among landowners regarding compensation offered by the government and transfer of land ownership will no longer be needed. Approval of this policy will result in the bridging the demand and supply gap.

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